23 Jul 2014

Seva at St Luthmer Childrens Home in Kenya

This is a report, send by Rakesh from Kenia, about the Gurupurnima Seva at St. Luthmer Childrens Home on the 13th July 2014: 

St. Luthmer Childrens Home, located in Ruiru County, Kenya, is a home to 40 children.
They are taken care of by 3 women, who were inspired to start a home together to help and fulfill the needs of these beautiful children.

A team from Bhakti Marga Kenya went to this home to see these children, spread Guruji's Love to them, and give them happiness, even it was for a few hours.

The smiles on their faces when they saw us and the goodies we took for them were simply priceless!

They welcomed us with a couple of wonderful songs (the videos can be found in the Flickr album - Link is at the end of this post)

They were given hand-loads of sweets, and they were very happy. Some even filled their pockets, and all it gave us was joy to see them so excited.

This little one, so adorable.

Since its worldcup season, we thought of getting them some footballs. Ah, they enjoyed, some played like little stars!

Part of our team were 2 denstists, who did a checkup on each child. Names of those who had some problems were taken down, and it will be followed up so that each gets treated to have a 'Colgate Smile' :D

Except for this little cute one, he was too excited by the sweets, and so he went and hid behind a chair to avoid his teeth from being checked.

It was truly an experience we will take forward with us, and a blessing from Guruji that HE gave us the opportunity to serve these little children of HIS.

Without HIS Grace, nothing is possible.
God is Love, God is Kind.
Be this Love, Be HIS Kind.

~ Always at HIS Lotus Feet ~
♥ Much Love ♥

For the full photo album and videos, please visit our Flickr page by clicking on the link below: 

21 Jul 2014

Swami Vishwananda inaugurates a Temple in Bari

Sri Swami Vishwananda sang some bhajans, spoke about the meaning of Satsang and answered many questions from the Italian devotees.

Saturday Morning Swami Vishwananda did a Yagna

Sri Swami Vishwananda has done the Gayatri Yagna in the nice garden of Vasudeva. 

More Satsang Questions:

There are more questions  from the satsang of Sri Swami Vishwananda in Bari on: 


20 Jul 2014

Satsang of Swami Vishwananda in Bari / Italy

The small temple was packed full of Italian devotees attending the Satsang of Sri Swami Vishwananda:

"Satsang means to gather together. In the old times the sages were discussing the holy scriptures in satsangs. What the science discovers nowadays was already know by the sages 5000 years ago. Like the city door in Delhi which is made of iron and the pillar of iron. The pillar—over seven metres high and weighing more than six tones — was erected by Kumara Gupta of Gupta dynasty that ruled northern India in AD 320-540. There's no trace of rust on this pillar.The 1,600 years old iron pillar in Delhi has never corroded despite the capital's harsh weather. The deep Knowledge of the Vedas was hidden in form of stories. A satsang was the gathering of people interested in knowledge. Spirituality is linked to unity and respect of the others.
When we sing the glory of God one forgets about his own ego. Then love awakes. In the heart there is always a flow of love. The mind stops it when it thinks about one´s self. When you are in love you think upon your lover, what is he/she doing. Let's sing the name of God. There is no difference between God and His name. God has different qualities but there is no difference between God and His name. The name of Rama is stronger as his name."

Swami Vishwananda inaugurates a new temple in Bari / Italy

As Swami Vishwananda arrived to Bari on the 17 July 2014, he went to inaugurate the new Temple dedicated to Him. Guruji talked about the great blessing the devotees got by creating the first temple dedicated to Him. There is no others deities, only him that is venerated in this temple.

In the following Satsang Sri Swami Vishwananda answered the questions which came up:

- What is fear? Fear is due to ignorance, to things unknown. It is a lack of trust in yourself.

- Why have the people so much problems?
Because of the karma. We have to go through it. God reduce this karma to a minimum. It is important to know how you have to go through this karma. After the Mahabarata Kunti went to Krishna and asked Him: "Give me everlasting problems so that I always can remember you." You have to go above the good and the bad, looking at the world like children. Hindu saint Mirabai also had  a lot of problems, but she was always in ectasy, thinking of Krishna. Around her the people were arrassing her but she could transcend all these sufferings.

- How to know if we are on the right path?
You will feel it. And also if you don´t feel it, you will be guided. The nature will bring you were you have to be and your mind will be guided.

- What is surrender? 
The one who is fully surrendered has no questions in his mind. To surrender means to be detached from everything, to have trust in every situation and to accept everything what happens. When you surrender you give up your own will. God cannot force you to love Him. This is the only thing that God cannot do.To surrender to the Divine is your act of opening. You forget about yourself and give your will to Him. There is only Him, there is one reality playing many games.

19 Jul 2014

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – the Whole World as One Family

The whole world is one family, because we all come from one place – that's Narayana. And each one is Narayana.
That's why it is said, “Service to humanity is service to the Lord.” “Whoever serves the needy is serving Me.” You see this in the Veda! You see this in the Bible! You see this in the Koran! You see this everywhere! The same teaching is present everywhere, emphasising that God dwells in His creation. One has to choose not to be blind, one has to choose to see. But to see, first you have to open up the mind. That's why earlier I said, “What is most important to free oneself? It's the pure mind. If the mind is pure, if the mind dwells on the Lord, everything becomes so simple and so easy. There is no complication in anything, until you complicate it yourself. When you look for trouble, the trouble manifests. But, when you look for the Lord, the Lord reveals Himself.
So, the Feet of the Guru are this reminder – that outside is here, but when you look inside yourself, you should see the imprint also. This is the imprint of Love which we share. How I Love you and how you love me. I would not say that I Love you the same way you love me. I would say that I Love you much more than that! And I wish that you can also love like that! This is my wish.
Sri Swami Vishwananda

18 Jul 2014

Yagna for Friends of Bhakti Marga

A day after Gurupurnima, on Sunday, 13 July, Sri Swami Vishwananda has held a yagna for all present Friends of Bhakti Marga. It was actually His gift to all of them. He has done it for them third year in a row.

As opposed to last year's Friends of Bhakti Marga yagna, this one was attended by many more people - around 330 of them were there. Bhakti Marga family is clearly growing fast. Eight other Swaminis and Swamis of Bhakti Marga have also been present.

It was a wonderful event full of Divine presence. As Swamiji Himself has said during His this year's Gurupurnima speech, "In all the other ages there were great austerities demanded, but in this age all that is demanded is just a pure mind and a pure heart, so that Love can sprout and grow! Nothing else. And this is so simple!"

Sri Swami Vishwananda has surely helped all the people present on the yagna to purify their minds and hearts by attending this powerful Vedic ritual.
As He said: "The Guru is here to remind you to trust. No matter how, you have to swim! The Guru will be underneath, pushing you up so that you don't sink and drown yourself."

And that's what He has done in this yagna - He has pushed us all up so we can swim even better and faster.
Not only that - he has showered all of the participants with so much Grace and His Divine blessings.
Thank you on behalf of all of them, beloved Swamiji!

He also said during Gurupurnima: "Satguru acts and dwells in the deepest core of the heart of each one. So, see that! See the Guru inside of you! And know that wherever you are, I am always with you."
Jai Gurudev.

17 Jul 2014

Singing 'Bhajo Nitai Gaurenga' with Sri Swami Vishwananda

The night after Gurupurnima a lot of devotees where still here at Shree Peetha Nilaya, so a series of beautiful events happened. Here we want to talk about another gift Guruji has given us.

It has been quite a while since he last danced and did sankirtan with us in the entrance hall and all of us love these spontaneous nights so much. Of course, He, knowing every wish that is in the devotees heart, decided to give everybody a present - another night with Him.

About a hundred devotees gathered in the hall, waiting for him. After a while, a small group started singing 'Bhajo Nitai Gaur' and soon everybody joined. Mridangas and mandjiras were brought and kirtan started. Swami came around midnight. Like to a magnet, people were drawn towards Him and everybody formed a circle around Him, singing and dancing. His presence was as radiant as that of the full moon in the dark night that one cannot help but to look at. People who were in bed came out of their rooms and soon the whole entrance hall was full – not only with people but also with joy that can hardly be expressed in words.

(Text written by Madhavi. Thx!)

15 Jul 2014

Gurupurnima with Sri Swami Vishwananda

After two days with a total of four darshans, the day to honour the Guru took place yesterday. More than 1200 visitors came from many different countries (also from overseas) to show their Guru, Sri Swami Vishwananda, their appreciation and respect.

In the early morning, we celebrated Pada Puja, (Abishekam to Guruji's Padukas) 
performed by the Swaminis. 

Later, during the 108 Bhajan stotra mala, (singing of 108 Bhajans) Sri Swami Vishwananda came and took place on His seat with a huge Adishesha behind Him.  

We were so, so happy to see Him there. It was a very impressive picture! 

In the evening there was another puja: Abishekam done directly on Swami Vishwananda's Lotus Feet. 
Then, during the chanting of His 108 names, each of us could offer a lotus flower to His feet.

Of course, there was abundance of Prasad. After being blessed by Gurudev, it was distributed to all. (It's unbelievable what our kitchen team has done during these days! I'm not sure - has Bhagyshri slept at all?)

During the three days we had built a kind of "beer garden" - here there were treats like mango lassi, fries, popcorn, samosas, pizza and lots of cakes!

All in all - it was a great party! 

Note from the organisers: 
We always try to organise everything as well as possible, but with 1200 devotees, who all wanted to see their Guru, the limited space did not always allow it. We apologize for any inconvenience this might had caused to you. If you have any ideas or solutions, we are happy to implement them with your help.

14 Jul 2014

Ratha Yatra by ISKCON in Paris

The day after Darshan in Paris, Sri Swami Vishwananda was invited by the Iskcon President in Paris to take part in the Ratha Yatra, a procession which goes through the Indian part of Paris.

There was a big chariot and loud bhajan music was sung live. The procession began - it was a bit crowded and we where squeezed in between the crowd, but after a while everything was relaxed. 

Thirty minutes after the start it began to rain heavily and we left the scene totally wet. We went back home to get dry clothes. 

After it all finished we had a nice pizza together with our Lord in the lobby of our hotel: 

9 Jul 2014

Why is the Grace of the Master important?

In the Hindu tradition, we value the Grace of the Master more than the Grace of God. And it's through Guru Kripa (the Grace of the Guru) that one gets the Grace of God.
That's why the Grace of the Master is considered to be the most important thing. Even in Christianity, in ancient times, it was the same. Once, I met a Christian monk. The way, he was talking about his mentor...it was amazing! And I said to him, “It's the same in Hinduism.” Because the love that we have for the Guru, for our Spiritual Master – is the same expression. And why do you think Guru Grace is very important? Often people say, “Oh, I can just go by myself. I don't need a Guru. I don't need to have somebody guiding me!” This is where one is wrong! Because in spirituality, it's like entering a deep forest where you can get lost. When you enter a forest, for example, you go to the Amazon. If you just go by yourself into that forest, which is so thick, with so many dangerous things – for sure, you'll get lost in it. How many people have been lost there? So, it's the same thing. To have a Master it's not about becoming a slave. As much as you love the Master – that much Love God will give to you!
Because loving the Master or surrendering to the Master is the same as surrendering to God. In the Master, the Spirit of God is fully present! And when the Master blesses someone, that's God blessing the person. There is no difference between the Guru and God!
Sri Swami Vishwananda

4 Jul 2014

Darshan in Paris with Sri Swami Vishwananda, 28th June 2014

Last week, after a long, long wait, Sri Swami Vishwananda finally gave Darshan in Paris for the first time ever

Swamiji brought a team of musicians and event organisers from Shree Peetha Nilaya to assist what turned out to be a fantastic event. 

To find an affordable venue was not easy but Khokila, the main organiser, luckily found a fantastic sports arena with ample space to host the near 700 people who came to receive Darshan from Swamiji.

The organising team did everything in their power to bring a 'Darshan Atmsophere' to the hall, a challenging undertaking since the room smelt heavily of gym mats and sweaty sportsmen! Not ideal for Swamiji's Divine Scent!

Yet despite all the challenges, everything worked out great in the end and Darshan proceeded smoothly and without any further obstacles. 

Many devotees from different countries sang along accompanying the beautiful bhajans in their own special way.

Late in the evening, or rather in the early morning hours, after we had dismantled all the music equipment and decorations, it was time to conclude the event with a group dinner together with Swamiji and all those who helped to organise the event. All in all it was a tremendous success and hopefully the first of many more Darshans to take place in the beautiful city of Paris!

27 Jun 2014

Pictures manifesting Vibhuti

In Nairobi / Kenia at the home of one Devotee from Swami Vishwananda there are some pictures where out of a sudden Vibhuti was manifested all over them. 

On Swami Vishwanandas picture...

...and on Narashimha and other pictures.

This is happening from time to time at some places - through the Divine Grace - its beyond our understanding and a wonderful blessing!