15 Sep 2014

Divine Mother and the Nine Steps of the Soul's Evolution

Throughout the years, Sri Swami Vishwananda has emphasised the importance of Divine Mother's role in helping and interceding for us on our way back to God.

Navaratri 2013                                   Navaratri 2011
He has often reminded us, “She is Parashakti, the Cosmic Shakti that pervades everything. Everything is created from Her, so She has the knowledge how to create and destroy everything; that's why She can create the balance.” He even said, “The Cosmic Mother Herself is the life experience. She creates things in a certain way so that one can attain the goal of life.”

Navaratri 2011                                  Navaratri 2013
“The way a saint, a yogi goes through, is step by step. They are not in a hurry because they know that their main aim is to attain the Divine, and they know that they will attain the Divine. This certainty, this will, this desire to receive the Grace of God, make them more strong, nothing can divert them. But, actually this strength is Divine Mother Herself, because She guides everybody, She helps and cares for everyone.”

Last year during a Satsang held at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Sri Swami Vishwananda revealed a bit more about the way, which Divine Mother creates for the advancement of the soul towards God – the nine steps of the evolution of the soul.
Satsang held at Shree Peetha Nilaya on 17th May 2013

“People are sent on a certain path so that they can reach the Divine. To reach the Divine is not just to wake up in the morning saying, ‘Oh God, I want to reach you.’ And then expect that God will say, ‘Okay, I will send you a rope. Come!’ To attain this Grace one has to have Pure Love. Without having this Sacred Love one does not reach anywhere. You may have gone through many lives of searching, realising, coming through different steps; but if you didn't realise the greatness of this Love you can't attain the Divine. Because the Divine can only be attained by the sacredness of that Love. That's why one goes through nine steps.

"First, you start to search for the Divine. Where? You start to search, you are looking for something great; you search among people who are searching also.

"Second, you start to remember the Divine and to chant His name.

"Third, you start associating with like-minded people and remembering the Divine, which means also your spiritual practices, your sadhana.

"Fourth, you start to get rid of all the bad qualities. You start to purify yourself, to get rid of all the bad habits – purifying all the qualities inside of you.

"Fifth, nistha awakens. Nistha means the deepness, where you start to long more, to search more in deepness. It is also called bhajana, which means, your attention is surrendered in such a certain way, that nothing can move you.

"Sixth, then what awakens is ruchi, compassion.

"Seventh, ashakti awakens, which means a deep attachment. And this deep attachment is not an attachment of the outside but is a deep attachment to the Divine and to the Master.

"Eighth, then bhav starts to awaken and, of course, the bhav itself goes through certain stages.

"Ninth, finally, Love in its sublime stage is manifested.

"Well, you see the way of Love does not happen just by one saying, ‘We love, we love, we love.’ It is a long way of complete surrender. And when this Love awakens is when the Divine reveals Himself to you, manifest Himself to you. Then you have attained the aim. So, this is the evolution of the soul, back to where it came from."

14 Sep 2014

The Secret of Everlasting Beauty

During the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita Course, Sri Swami Vishwananda revealed the secret of everlasting beauty, while giving his commentary on the verse 20 of the 14th chapter:

Verse 20
guṇān etān atītya trīn
dehī deha samudbhavān
janma mṛtyu jarā duḥkhair
vimukto’mṛtam aśnute

When the soul thus rises above the three gunas born of the embodiment in Nature, he is freed from subjection to birth and death and their associates; decay, old age and suffering, and enjoys in the end the Immortality of its self-existence.

Swami Vishwananda: “Oh, this is beautiful! When one becomes free from the cycle of birth and death, even their associates also don't affect that person; which is decay – you don't get rotten; old age – you don't get old, you stay ever young... inside! Then it doesn't matter.

When the outside doesn't bother you, you will not go to do a facelift. You are happy how you are! You perceive the Lord. God Loves you the way you are! And then, that's what you will be aware of – that Love – how God Loves you and how much you love Him. And when you love Him you don't need to bother about the outside, how you look. He doesn't care!

Meerabai – when she was old, Krishna Loved her the same way. And when Meerabai died, this old wrinkled lady – when she merged into the Lord she attained back her eternal youth. She went for an automatic facelift! And this one is eternal, matajis! It is permanent, without any pain!

Krishna murthi into which Meerabai merged with her physical body. Himachal, India
That's what happens to the sages, to the saints, to the bhakta who is fully absorbed in the Divine: they attain their spiritual body! And with the spiritual body you get everlasting youth. And that's the youth of immortality! So, aim for that! Aim to reach that state! You will stay ever beautiful! It's not that you are not beautiful now. You are beautiful, but you will stay ever beautiful, like fresh! You don't need to bother about face lifting or a multitude of other things anyway.

So, when Meerabai let go of her old body, her body transformed, she became everlasting beauty and she merged into the Lord. She became one with her beloved. And that state of bhakti, that state of love one should cultivate in life. Otherwise you will go through decay, old age, suffering; not realising that you are immortal, eternal. This is the state of mental agony. And what makes one perceive this, is the mind. One doesn't perceive that no matter how they are, they are beautiful. God has created you and this creation – from a Realised point of view one perceives the beauty of the Lord everywhere. It is not this thing outside, but what you have inside; that's the most beautiful thing. And this is beyond the external seeing.

That's why I said, if you look at the outside, of course, out of ignorance you will see only the outside. But when you look inside – that's what the Lord looks: how much love you have inside of you and that is eternal beauty. And that is what will give you your spiritual body, which it will not need to go through all the cycle of birth and death again.”

6 Sep 2014

The Deep Meaning of Vamana Avatar's ‘Three Steps’

Today is Vamana Jayanthi, the day when it is celebrated the fifth Incarnation of Lord Mahavishnu, in the form of Vamana Avatar.

Krishna Retreat, 2012

In 2012 during a Krishna Retreat, Sri Swami Vishwananda explained the deep meaning of the Vamana Avatar's ‘Three Steps’:

“The story of Vamana is linked with Mahabali. He was the king of the demons and he became very powerful. He defeated lord Indra and proclaimed himself the lord of the three worlds. To get rid of king Bali, the Lord in the form of Vamana Avatar asked him for three steps.

"Then, as the Lord took the Vishwa Swarupa form, in one step He took all the material things of king Bali. In the second step He took all the lokas which king Bali had taken from Indra and all the other gods. Then he asked king Bali, ‘Well in my two steps I have taken everything from you – you who have considered yourself the lord of the three worlds – I have taken everything, but where will I put my third step now? So give me, fulfil your vow, give me the third step!’ At that moment, king Bali bent his head and said, ‘Lord, now what is left is only me. I completely surrender, Atmanivedan, to you.’ So at that moment, the Lord placed his toe on the head of king Bali.

"By surrendering to the Feet of the Lord, when he offered his head to the Lord and the Lord put His Feet over his head, he was liberated. He was freed from all the bad things which he had done.
Guru Purnima, 2014
"These three steps symbolize the wakefulness state, the dreaming state and the deep sleep state which is Jagrat, Swapna and Shushupti.

"If one gets caught into these three states, one loses good qualities and values. The wakefulness state – of course everybody is awake, but you have to be awake in a different state; you have to awaken the consciousness.

"The dreaming state – you see when you are dreaming, you are not aware of it, but your subconscious is awake. And for someone who is surrendered to God, the dreaming state have another advancement, because even in the dreaming state one can build up the devotion to God.

"And then you have the deep sleep state. In the deep sleep state, one is not aware. This is in the unconscious. So in that state, if you are surrendered, the Lord will give you everything. You see in this deep sleep state, sometimes you have a deja vu; in this level you are travelling, but you can also praise God. You can also burn your karma.

"These three states represent the three steps in which Mahavishnu, in the form of Vamana, took control over king Bali, which represents the mind itself. If the mind is surrendered, you keep working and burning your karma when you are awake, sleeping, and also when you are not even aware, in the deep sleep state. So, when you surrender completely you are continuously burning the karmic vasanas from previous lives; all your negativity. And this is what Vamana Avatar represents.”

5 Sep 2014

Impressions from OM Healing and Simply Meditation in Prisons

My name is Stefan and I'm in custody in Cologne Detention Centre.

When I heard about OM Healing, I merely thought, “I don’t care, the main thing is not to be in the prison cell”.
In the beginning I didn't know what to make of this, but now after five months I've been taking part in it, I experience perceptible changes.

Generally I became calmer and at last I come to rest in the evening. Before, I couldn't sleep because of my chattering mind. Nowadays I do my breathing exercises and fall asleep after ten minutes.

I can recommend OM Healing and Simply Meditation especially to people who are very stressed if they want to accumulate new energy.

Stefan, Cologne Detention Centre

For 18 months I've been practicing OM Healing for two hours a week at Cologne Detention Centre.

In the beginning I couldn't feel anything. Maybe because of my skepticism to believe in anything I couldn't see. But after a few months there was a face appearing to me more and more frequently, like a light blue mask in front of a dark background. Little by little this mask became more clearly a 3D face. The more I got myself into OM Healing, the more recognizable this face became. It simply looked at me.

In the meantime it appears less, but it seems to me that it came just so that I let myself in for OM Healing. After that experience I believe much more in things like self-regulating forces. Because of that I was more and more able to heal some diseases. I became calmer. The impending “burnout” that I treated with medicines is a thing of the past, medicines included.

I have a totally new, much better attitude and quality of life now. My self-esteem grew stronger and I became a new person. Also, my attitude towards the people I didn't like before changed completely. I connect this to OM Healing and Simply Meditation which I've started practicing even more often in the meantime. For the first time I´m able to say that I love myself and I don´t longer know hostility towards others.

Michael Marx, Cologne Detention Centre

After the success of Simply Meditation, OM Healing and Atma Kriya Yoga in prisons workshop held in June for German speaking countries, we are organising a further, international workshop with English translation.

If you are interested to learn more about the techniques and to support an initiative that brings Simply Meditation, OM Healing and Atma Kriya Yoga into prisons, then this international workshop is a great opportunity. It will be held in Shree Peetha Nilaya by Dieter Gurkasch and YuMiG Association.

Friday October 3rd at SPN (during Navaratri) - Please register here!

Dieter is a former prisoner who himself experienced how yoga and meditation changed his life and the lives of people around him. The goal of the YuMiG Association is to bring yoga and meditation into prisons worldwide.

This workshop not only informs, but also provides opportunity to ask questions, to discuss key topics and to receive support if you are willing to get active and spread yoga and meditation in prisons, helping to let the seed of love and happiness grow in people's heart.

After the workshop it came to a cordial meeting
between Sri Swami Vishwananda and Dieter.
Participant’s impression from a previous seminar: “The Workshop with Dieter Gurkasch in June this year with 25 participants from Austria, Switzerland and Germany was a great success! Through the reading from his book, Dieter delivered an insight into his life and the life behind the prison bars, as he himself spent 25 years in the prison. The participants were enriched with important knowledge needed for everyone who intends to teach in prisons. In the second part of the workshop participants could ask questions and Dieter patiently and lovingly answered all of them. He gave us a deep insight of the transformation process which he went through with yoga and meditation. ... We are looking forward for the next international workshop with Dieter.” (Dayakari, Germany)

For more information about Dieter and the Prison Yoga Project, check out these links:

4 Sep 2014

Concerts with "Bhakti Sounds" in South Germany

In September there will be four concerts of BHAKTI SOUNDS in the south of Germany.

Tandav Krishna, SV Kuru, Nikhil, Ratnamanjari and Mira will perform bhajans and kirtans and there is plenty of opportunity to sing, clap and dance.
Why join in? Simply put, the Divine Names open us up to the light and bring us closer to the Divine. 

Tuesday, September 16 at 20:00 hr
in the "Kulturzentrum K9", Hieronimusgasse 3, 78462 Konstanz.
Admission € 12, concessions € 10, € 8 K9 members

Wednesday, September 17 at 20:00 hr
in the center of The White Horse, Breiteweg 9, 78359 Orsingen,
before: 18:00 clock Satsang with SV Kuru and Nikhil,
donations welcome 

Thursday, September 18 at 20:00 hr
in the theater circus Primeo Paso, Mühlbruckstraße 31, 88212 Ravensburg,
donations welcome,
please bring your own cushions

Friday, September 19 at 19 hr
in the Hari Om Temple Munich,
donations welcome

We look forward to seeing you! You're very welcome to bring friends and to spread the word.

Important topics for Navaratri 2014

Here we have some organization points for Navaratri:

Because there are coming more and more people to the events each year we have have to ask you to except some rules:

  • Be aware that it can be that you will not be able to be in the tent every night but you will be given the possibility to watch via live stream in the Darshan Hall.

  • If you are not on time (17:30-18:00) at the tent then your place may be given away to others 

Thank you for your understanding and support - our event planning only works well with your help so please try your best to make Navaratri 2014 an enjoyable event for all people.

Many thanks 
Swami Ananshuya and Drishti

3 Sep 2014

Sri Radharani unveils the secret of "Two veils of Maya"

Yesterday (Tuesday), we celebrated Radhastami - the birthday of Srimati Radharani.

Over the years, Sri Swami Vishwananda has been referring to Srimati Radharani as the “Queen Gopi”; as the “Shakti of Krishna”; the “manifestation of Lord Krishna Himself as bhakti, which is pure devotion, to show us how to love unconditionally”. Swamiji also said, “Radha represents all of us, the creation, the manifestation. She symbolises the Love, the example. She symbolizes the bhav, the complete surrender to the Will of God.”

Krishna Janmashtami 2013 (left photos) and Navaratri 2013 (right)

Furthermore, this year in an informal satsang, Sri Swami Vishwananda told us about a deep revelation saying, “Srimat Radharani ... gave me an explanation of how the soul is concealed by Maya and how the deity, the Divine Himself is concealed also by Maya.

"So, you see, whenever we talk about spirituality, we always say that there is only a veil of illusion that covers the eyes of man. It is true! The soul of man is covered by Maha Maya, the great illusion. But, the Lord which is seated deep, deep, deep within is also covered by one veil of Maya, which is called Yogmaya. So, between the soul and the Divine there are two veils of Maya. There is not only one veil of Maya, there are two veils that cover it: one is His Maha Maya and the other one is Yogmaya.

Maha Maya is the illusion, the creation that you see outside. The things that you perceive with the mind itself. Coming to a certain level you can Realise yourself, but yet you have to break through Yogmaya.

Christmas 2010

"Yogmaya is the Maya, the illusion, that the Lord casts upon Himself, which means that while the veil of Yogmaya is not revealed, the Lord doesn't reveal Himself. That's why many people jump into the game of Maha Maya, they come to a certain level of Realisation and think that they have already reached the Ultimate. But, in reality, No! There is still the veil of Yogmaya to overcome. And that veil of Yogmaya, that's what will give you the change of seeing and meeting the Lord face to face.

"However, that veil of Yogmaya is removed by His Grace only! You can't remove it, because He Himself willingly, voluntarily, cast it upon Himself, saying ‘Here, I cover Myself with a shawl, but nobody can take that shawl away. I am the only One Who can!’ This is the Game, the Leela of the Lord Himself, which He plays with everybody, with each soul making each one ready.”

30 Aug 2014

Bhakti Marga Morning Prayer CD Now Available

The much anticipated Bhakti Marga morning prayer CD, “Prathana Morning Prayers by Bhakti Marga”, has finally arrived!


The official release date for the physical CD is not yet scheduled, but as a special offer you can purchase the songs online through CD Baby or Itunes.

Please support the CD by leaving a rating!
It is the first of two albums with the morning prayers that are sung in the Ashrams and Centres of Bhakti Marga around the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to your favorite songs before they are released.

Download links:

28 Aug 2014

Deeper meaning of Varaha Avatar's manifestation

“Hiranyaksha and Hiranyakashipu started harassing the world. Hiranyaksha said, ‘As we are very powerful now, we will take revenge on Maha Vishnu, because He cheated the demons and stole the amrita. So, we shall take revenge on Him.’ What did he do? They knew very well that every time something happens to Mother Earth, the Lord will manifest Himself. So, he took Mother Earth, and submerged Her under the water. Of course, Mother Earth was crying, calling for the Lord to manifest Himself, ‘Please save me!’ So, as the Lord was sleeping, Brahma looking at the Lord said, ‘How can I wake Him up now?’ Then, Brahma started meditating on the Lord, chanting His name. He was so immersed in His chanting, immersed into the devotion, that from His nose, a little boar came out. And this little boar, when He came out, He started growing in size. Then, He jumped into the water, fought with Hiranyaksha, killed him, and then took Mother Earth on His tusk out from the water. When He came out all the devas started praising Him.

Even if He was not born from Maha Vishnu or Narayana, even if He had just come out of Brahma's nose, Brahma recognised Him as being a manifestation of Narayana. Here you have to see – why He didn’t come out from the body of Narayana, but came out from the body of Brahma? This shows that when one rises in spirituality and identifies oneself with the Lord, the Lord takes complete possession of that bhakta. And, when the Lord takes complete possession of that bhakta, there is no difference between that bhakta and the Lord. That’s why it is said that when one harms a bhakta of the Lord, it's not harming the bhakta, but it's harming the Lord Himself!

So here, you see this connection of the devotee with the Lord Himself. When one reaches a state of complete forgetfulness, what stays is only Him. Then He can manifest Himself through anyone. He can do anything through anyone. He can use anyone, because, it's only Him. So here, He uses Brahma to manifest Himself as Varaha, and yet Brahma keeps this individuality – to enjoy the Dasya bhav, to enjoy the devotion to the Lord. This is the story of Varaha, where He helped to uplift the Earth again from the illusion. When Hiranyaksha was killed by Varaha, of course he was liberated. It is said that a light left his dead body and entered Maha Vishnu. However, he was bound to take three lifetimes, so he had to be born again.”
Sri Swami Vishwananda

25 Aug 2014

The symbolism of the White Horse and its Rider

“Well, the scriptures talk about the same horse. It’s true that the Bible is talking about the coming of Christ. The Bhagavatam says that the Kalki Avatar will be coming. And, of course, the Koran talks about the return of Mohammed. Here we see the unity, the similarity. Even if it is three corners of the world, yet, you see the similarity of the scriptures. They are all talking about the coming of one being, riding on a white horse, bringing justice, peace, uplifting humankind. And here, you see that everyone talks about the same personage in a different way, but actually it is One. The Muslims call Him Mohammed; the Hindu call Him the Kalki Avatar and the Christians call Him the return of Christ, Jesus. But actually, It is the same One.
And when will He come? When everybody really awakens this pure Love inside of them. When everybody realises this pure Love, then He will come. Actually, They do come, when you realise your Self. They awake within your heart. Not as big, to be seen in the outside. But They do manifest themselves, within the heart of man. You can call it Realisation, God-Realisation or the attainment of the Lotus Feet of the Lord.
They reveal Themselves – the Lord reveals Himself to each person who is completely surrendered to Him. The Lord is not bound by Time the way people think about it. People think, ‘Okay, this is the time for Dwarapa Yuga, or Satya Yuga, or Treta Yuga or now, Kali Yuga’. But, the Lord is not bound by any time as humans think. He is beyond Time, He is the Master of Time. He is the Lord of Manvantara, He is the Lord of Time Himself. So that’s why He manifests Himself within the heart of man.
White is purity. The horse symbolises one single-pointed mind. The focus of the mind. When the mind is focused, when the mind is under control. That's what the Gita says, ‘Control the senses’. And the senses, in the Bhagavad Gita, when you see Krishna riding in the battlefield, He is holding with His hand, five horses. Each horse symbolises one sense. So He said,  Control the senses’, but the last is the mind! The mind is not counted as one of the senses. Because it is the master, because everything is the mind.
So here, you see Kalki Avatar riding over the mind, itself. When the mind gets one single-pointed towards one goal – towards one aim – then the Lord reveals Himself. So the horse symbolises single-pointed mind, focus, and the control of the senses. So, when the mind is controlled, when the senses are controlled, then the pure Love will awake. Then the Lord will reveal Himself, within the heart of man.”
Sri Swami Vishwananda

22 Aug 2014

The Hanuman Chalisa Bhasya of Sri Swami Vishwananda

During the celebrations of Hanuman Jayanti 2014, at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Sri Swami Vishwananda imparted timeless wisdom on the Hanuman Chalisa, a hymn written in praise of Lord Hanuman, one of the greatest Bhaktas of the Lord. Below is an excerpt commentary by Swamiji from the Hanuman Chalisa Bhasya book, which features the full commentary. The recording is also available in the Hanuman Chalisa Bhasya (double) CD.

 Verses 25-26
Nāsai Roga Hare Saba Pīrā
Japata Nirantara Hanumata Vīrā
Sankata Ten Hanumāna Churāvai
Mana Krama Bachana Dhyāna Jo Lāvai

“All disease and pain is eradicated, brave Hanuman, by constant repetition of Your Name. You release from affliction those who remember You in thought, word and deed.”

“Thoughts, words and deeds. Thoughts are from the mind, words are from the body and deeds are from the soul. So, whoever remembers Him and chants His Name, even diseases and pain can’t come near.
It doesn’t mean that one will not have diseases. It doesn’t mean that one will not have pain. It doesn’t mean that one will not have affliction. They will come, but how the person will take it, will be different. If the person sits with the pain and is constantly chanting the glory of pain, the pain will become very powerful! If the person is chanting the glory of affliction or sorrow, they will never be free. Because they are feeding the mind with the same affliction. They are feeding the mind with the same pain, so the pain becomes double, from double it becomes 4 times bigger, from 4 times it becomes 6 times bigger. It will become bigger and bigger and bigger! How will the person have peace? They will not! That’s why it is said here, by chanting Your Name, by concentrating on the mantra, forgetting everything else, forgetting the pain in the outside, forgetting about the illness, forgetting about the disease or the problem. If the mind is purely focusing on the Lord’s Name or Anjaneya’s Name, there will be no space for the other things to take place or to germinate. But, if you are entertaining it, then you’ll be afflicted with pain, sorrow and diseases.
When the mind is focused on the Lord, they will not come near. Even if it comes, you will not feed it. As it comes, it will do its course of purifying and it will disappear. You will not attach yourself to it. You’ll not hang on it, you’ll not hold its leg saying, ‘Leave me, leave me, leave me!’ You cannot hold onto your problem and ask for it to leave. You cannot hold onto your pain and disease and say, ‘Let go of it! Let go of it!’ You have to see that you are hanging on it. In your mind you are hanging on it and you should hang onto the Feet of the Lord! You should hang onto the Name of the Lord! Like that, the body, mind and spirit are free! Like that the thoughts, the words and the deeds are purified!”

20 Aug 2014

Gayatri Yagna with Sri Swami Vishwananda

This last month at Shree Peetha Nilaya has been one of the most auspicious times of them all. With the eighteen day Bhagavad Gita Course, and Krishna Janmashtami, what better way to finish these celebrations than with a yagna dedicated to the Divine Mother as Gayatri Devi. From offering one’s love to the Divine, as well as surrendering the negative qualities covering the heart, the Gayatri yagna has been a truly uplifting event.

   The Gayatri yagna started at 10:00 a.m. with the chanting of the Guru Stotram. It is important to remember that the Guru is worshipped first, because with the grace of the Guru, the Divine becomes automatically accessible. There were five kunds being offered to and each was headed by a Swami or Swamini. While doing the invocation ceremonies simultaneous with Sri Swami Vishwananda, it was like watching an orchestra and their conductor. Everybody who attended made rounds of rotating between each kund, and all were able to offer at the largest kund located in front of the altar, with Sri Swami Vishwananda. The altar was decorated wonderfully. Gayatri Devi Herself was adorned with sparkling gems and vibrant hued clothes. The space around Her was also coloured with delightful flowers, such as the seasonal sunflower. Once the yagna had been going on for quite some time, the smoke started to fill the tent and different panels were opened up to help ventilate the air, but yet, even though there were clouds of smoke rolling out of the tent, the quality of the smoke purified the area and was perfectly breathable. Through out the course of the yagna, the Gayatri mantra had a life of Her own. From chanting the Maha-mantra in the traditional Vedic rhythm, and to singing in a more modern approach, never did it feel like the repetitions were becoming repetitious; the mantra stayed alive and fresh through out the whole ceremony.

   “There are three hundred million deities in Hinduism. And all the three hundred million deities have a bij mantra. The bij mantra is a power, Shakti, in a mantra. It’s a sacred element in the mantra that gives the energy to it. And in the Gayatri Mantra, there is a combination of all three hundred million bij mantras of all the deities.” - Sri Swami Vishwananda (Excerpt from Just Love 3).
As the gathering of devotees chanted the Gayatri Mantra in unison, it should be known that this, ‘sacrifice,’ has benefited all the people, whether present or absent. The power of the Gayatri mantra is not known to the mind of man, but only through the heart can She be experienced and known. As people leave the ashram and return home, they are carrying a great blessing that has been graced upon them from, Bhagavan Krishna, Gayatri Devi, Mahavatar Babaji, and Premavatar Sri Swami Vishwananda. As if all taking the same light from the Gayatri yagna, each ventures back into the world and blesses all those who come into contact with them, whether directly, or indirectly. Such is the nature of our own Self, we are this Light, we are this Love, and only through the longing of attaining the Divine, will our heart burn with this eternal flame. Rare is the time that one has this opportunity to forever be engulfed in ecstatic love, never ceasing, always alive and new. Open your heart to God, open your heart to Love before it’s too late, because one day, the body in which the light has been lit, will turn to ash. Jai Gurudev.

19 Aug 2014

Krishna Janmashtami with Sri Swami Vishwananda

During the celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami at Shree Peetha Nilaya, Sri Swami Vishwananda said, “After listening to the Gita for 18 days, you have realised that Krishna is the Supreme Himself, who has manifested Himself. There was not another time when the Lord manifested Himself in His full Glory, with all His qualities. Even if many avatars had come before, yet still there was not a full manifestation of the Lord like Bhagavan Krishna, who came dressing normal like everybody, acting like a normal human being. The Bala Leela, which He has done during His childhood in Vrindavan, is the most sweetest of all. When one drinks this nectar of the Bala Leela one realises that each person has a certain connection to Him, each person's heart longs for Him. And the same way that your heart longs for Him, He also longs for you. In these 18 days of the Gita Course you have realised that He wants to have a personal relationship with each one. In the last verses of the last chapter of the Gita He explained this bhav. When Love awakens inside it's different for everybody: some will love God as a servant; some will love God as a lover; some will love God as a friend; some will love God as a parent; some will love God as the Ultimate. So each person has a certain connection with Him.
He has reminded continuously that one must love. This is the true dharma of a human being. It's not about playing the game, ‘I am superior than anybody else.’ No. Only when one has humility in the heart, then one will know what is true Love. Here, Bhagavan Krishna incarnates in your heart, doing His Leela in your life. So this is what you have to keep reminding yourself.”

Before midnight, the celebrations started with Guru puja and Paduka Abishekam followed by two plays offered at the Feet of Sri Swami Vishwananda: one was performed by a group of children and was about the manifestation of Lord Sri Krishna; the other was performed by a group of devotees  inspired by the Mahabharata.
 Swamiji said, “It was lovely to see the children and also this play of Draupadi Vastraharan (disrobing). Even if it appears very aggressive, as it truly happened, but the most beautiful moment is when she let go of her sari. Then she said, ‘Lord I surrender to you.’ This is the same as when you lift your hands chanting, ‘Nitai Gaura Premananda, Haribol! I am surrendering to You. I take shelter at Your Feet. I can't do anything by myself. I can't count on my own effort but I count on Your effort.’
For a bhakta who is surrendered to Him, the merciful Lord, – you don't need to worry about anything. Each step of your life, He looks after. The moment you let go – Saranagati, that's the word which means, to take refuge at the Lotus Feet of the Lord – He takes care of you. He looks after you. He brings you where you have to be.
When you study the Gita, you are uplifted. It awakens bhakti inside of your heart and only when bhakti is awaken inside, then faith is awaken. Arjuna asked Krishna, ‘How do I change the mind?’ Bhagavan said, ‘Well, you must have faith.’ Faith is inborn inside your heart itself. You have it, everybody has it! And counting on that faith, you'll be able to trust the Lord. You'll be able to love Him. You'll be able to do your sadhana. You'll be able to love as He Loves. So this is what Bhagavan explained in this scene that was performed right now. What do you want to become: like the Kauravas or the Pandavas? If your tamasic guna arises, pride and arrogance arise and you'll doom yourself. But if you are humble, if you are pure in your heart, if you are full of love, then you are as a bhakta, who is surrendered to the Lord. So, you trust in the Lord, you trust in His guidance, your trust that He is with you at all times. So due to that dwelling in the sattvic qualities one attains the spiritual body, one attains God-Realisation. And this is the promise that Bhagavan Himself has given by saying, ‘Whoever surrenders to Me I give Myself to them’. You just do one step, He will run to you! And there are so many bhaktas who have surrendered to the Lord knowing deeply that it is Him who does everything. By counting completely on His Grace and Love one will see the Reality.”

After midnight, Swamiji performed puja and Abishekam to Lord Sri Krishna in the form of Bala Krishna and Ladoo Gopal followed by Arati.
The celebrations ended with several hours of a bhajan&kirtan dance party full of Divine blessings and delicious prasad.
Prem Se Bolo Sri Krishna Bhagavan Ki...Jai Jai Jai!!!
Prem Se Bolo Sri Swami Vishwananda Ki...Jai Jai Jai!!!

“It was a very beautiful party celebrating the birthday of Krishna. There was a time to sing, a time to dance and a time to eat the delicious prasad. The energy was wonderful and intense. It touched me deeply to experience the work of Sri Swami Vishwananda and the work of people here who really serve helping to rise the energy of mankind and Mother Earth.” - Daniela, Ubatuba, São Paulo, Brazil

17 Aug 2014

Chapter 18: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

On August 16th, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 18 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Moksha Sannyaasa Yoga

In Chapter 18, Krishna speaks about the path of complete surrender. The path of attaining God's grace and letting go of the past completely. Krishna explains that whatever one does with an attitude of surrender, and performs their duty with full love, they become free. 

"Focus your mind on Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me, prostrate before Me and you shall come to Me alone. I promise you this verily, for you are dear to Me." (18.65)

General topics covered in the Chapter:
  • Three types of faith
  • Five causes of an action
  • Path of surrender is the ultimate path to God
  • The highest service to God, and the best charity 
  • The grace of the Gita
  • Both knowledge and action are needed
  • Kārmic bondage and the free will
    Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

    idaṃ te nātapaskāya
    nābhaktāya kadācana
    na cāśuśrūṣave vācyaṃ
    na ca māṃ yo’bhyasūyasi

    Never is this to be spoken by you to one without self discipline, not to one that is not devoted and not to him who does no service; nor yet to him who despises and belittles Me when I am lodged in the human body.

    "Here Bhagavan Krishna is saying, Don’t give this knowledge to people who don’t believe, to unbelievers, this will not make any effect. It’s no use giving this deep knowledge which will free oneself, to somebody who is not ready, who is not purified, who doesn’t have faith in God. For them, they will just hear it and it will not have any effect on them. 

    If they are not ready, they will not understand anything what Bhagavan has been saying. Not to one that is not devoted. Here Bhagavan is saying, Give it to the bhakta. This should be the main focus for a devoted soul: thinking, meditating continuously, talking about what the Lord has said. One has to study and drink this nectar. Here Bhagavan says, Not to the one who doesn’t do service, who doesn’t have these spiritual practices. They wander into the world, left-right, left-right, getting attached to everything; they take something from here, from there – for them, they will never be able to drink this nectar itself, in deepness; they will not understand anything. So why should you give pearls to the pigs? That’s what Christ said, Don’t give pearls to the pigs. What will they do? They will trample over it, not knowing the value of it. Here Bhagavan Krishna is reminding Arjuna the same, Don’t give this knowledge to anyone who is not devoted; not to the ones who don’t do service. Because here service is very important; the help that you render, what virtue one has, it is very, very important. 

    That’s why He strictly said, Give to the one which is ready. Because this knowledge frees oneself from the cycle of birth and death. Even once, if you hear the whole Gita – Bhagavan has assured that whoever hears only one time the whole Gita, and with the mind tries to understand, they will be free in this life itself. This is the secret of the Gita.  

    Here Bhagavan Krishna has told Arjuna, how important it is, this knowledge. How important it is to fully absorb into what He has said. To have devotion to Him, to serve Him, because there is no one else than Him."


    "I really enjoyed the last chapter because after giving all of these instructions to Arjuna about how to reach Him, and some of the things sound quite difficult, Krishna offered this merciful final verse about all you need to do is have faith. Forget about everything else, if all else fails, just listen to the Gita and put your faith in God, and all the impurities will be washed away. This final act of God's mercy is what I took from it." - Gerald, Kenya 


    Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

    For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.

    16 Aug 2014

    Chapter 17: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

    On August 15th, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 17 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Shraddhaatraya Vibhaaga Yoga

    In Chapter 17, Krishna explains the three divisions of faith, thoughts, deeds, and even eating habits corresponding to the three gunas. Krishna also talks to Arjuna about "OM Tat Sat" and the importance of these three words on the spiritual path. 

    "The formula OM, Tat, Sat, is the triple definition of the Brahman, by whom the Brahmanas, the Vedas and sacrifices were created of old." (17.23)

    General topics covered in the Chapter:
    • Three types of faith
    • Three types of food
    • Three grades of Spiritual Practice
    • Three Kind of Tapas (Self-Discipline)
    • Three types of austerity
    • Three types of charity
    • ‘OM TAT SAT’ the threefold name of Brahman 
      Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

      abhisandhāya tu phalaṃ
      dambhārtham api caiva yat
      ijyate bharata-śreṣṭha
      taṃ yajñāṃ viddhi rājasam

      The sacrifice offered with a view to the personal rewards, and also for ostentation, O Arjuna, know that to be of a Rajasic nature.

      "Bhagavan is saying here that when one is doing something for personal gain like, Oh, God please, give me a car! Oh, God please, give me a husband! God please, give me a wife! God give me wealth! Oh, God give me a house, give me fame, give me prestige, give me victory, give me health, give me bliss, give me joy! You know, it’s only about give me, give me, give me, give me. So, Bhagavan is saying that these are the rajasic qualities which are always based on personal gain and motive. So, one is never free into that. 

      The  person who loves the Lord does everything without a personal reward or personal gain and these people are free. Their reward is Bhagavan Himself. He will give Himself to you. This is the wonderful quality of a bhakta. A true bhakta has this deep longing, you know, and can’t stay even a moment without the beloved."


      "When Swami was speaking today I could relate with many things from my own life. I also remembered many personal experiences I had with him that made more sense now. He is constantly showing us how to see life and how to live life." - Tobias, Switzerland 


      Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

      For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.

      15 Aug 2014

      Chapter 16: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

      On August 14th, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 16 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Daivaasurasampad Vibhaaga Yoga

      In Chapter 16, Krishna identifies Divine and demonic characteristics. He tells Arjuna in order to attain liberation one must give up the demonic traits such as lust, anger and greed. One should constantly strive to discern between right and wrong action through self analysis. 

      General topics covered in the Chapter:
      • A list of major divine qualities that should be cultivated for salvation
      • A list of demonic qualities that should be given up
      • The destiny of the ignorant
      • Lust, anger, and greed are the three gates to hell
        Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

        atma-sambhavitah stabdha
        yahante nama yajnais-te
        dambhenavidhi purvakam

        They sacrifice and give not in the true order but from a self-regarding ostentation, from vanity and with a stiff and foolish pride.

        "Here Bhagavan Krishna is saying that they appear very polite, very respectful due to their arrogance, Excuse me, Sir [Swamiji says this in an affected voice making the people laugh]. So, all what they do is just a show, which is devout of faith, full of vanity, just to impress others. So it's just a show, just a makeup. Beautiful outside, hellish in the inside.  So it's said, this is the highway to hell.  So here for the man of tamasic qualities, they are digging the hole to hell in that way. Here it's said that they are faking themselves so much they can't perceive the truth. Foolish pride, you know. Due to their pride they become blind. They don't see the reality. 

        So this is how it is for the world. You know, this is what Bhagavan Krishna is explaining.  Due to this pride, due to this foolishness, one becomes blind.  So this is due to the egoism, due to the pride, arrogance. Due to this vanity that one appears to impress others, they will do anything. And once the desire has been fulfilled they let go and they’re finished."


        "I feel amazing throughout the entire course. Swami is revealing all the glories and pastimes of Krishna. I'm very lucky to get the opportunity to listen to His words." - Marina, Russia

        Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

        For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.

        14 Aug 2014

        Chapter 15: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

        On August 13th, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 15 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Purushottama Yoga

        Chapter 15 deals with the yoga of unity to the Supreme Being. Krishna reveals Himself as being omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. 

        Krishna also describes a symbolic tree (representing material existence), which has its roots in the heavens and its leaves on earth. Krishna explains that this tree should be cut with the "axe of detachment", after which one can attain liberation.  

        General topics covered in the Chapter:
        • Creation is like a tree created by the powers of Māyā
        • How to cut the tree of attachment and attain salvation
        • The embodied soul is the enjoyer
          Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

          iti guhyatamaṃ śāstram
          idam uktaṃ mayā’nagha
          etad buddhvā buddhimān
          syāt kṛtakṛtyaśca bhārata

          Thus by Me the most secret shastra has been told, O sinless one. To know it absolutely is to be perfected in understanding and successful in the supreme sense, O Arjuna.

          "Here Bhagavan Krishna is saying, I don’t reveal myself to stupid people or to sinful people. Only the ones who have Divine virtues inside of them can have a glimpse of Me. They can be near to Me, they can enjoy My companionship but not everybody, only a few of them. Here Bhagavan says that it is Him, the almighty God Himself, giving the true knowledge to perfect oneself, to recognise Him everywhere and in everything that one does. Even if you are doing your normal duty which has been given to you by Himself. By realising this truth that whatever you do, wherever you are, however you are, it’s all the Lord Himself. You rise above Maya, when the true knowledge awakes, it will give you Self-Realisation, it will make you see Him at all times.

          Bhagavan says that whoever has perceived Him everywhere, He is the one who takes full control of the bhakta and through different Leelas, through different pastimes that He enacts for each individual person, each one has his own personal relationship with Him. He manifests in certain aspects for that person and that’s how He makes Love grow. Love for God and Love for all. When you Love God truly, one perceives the Lord everywhere."


          "Today Swami opened up the idea of the Soul's relationship to God. He was basically saying that there is the body and the eternal soul, but beyond the soul lies Krishna himself. He explained that the Bhakta through the love he has for God can attain the ultimate which lies even beyond the soul." - Senthilnathan, Sri Lanka


          Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

          For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.

          13 Aug 2014

          Chapter 14: Bhagavad Gita Course with Swami Vishwananda

          On August 12th, 2014 Swamiji covered Chapter 14 of the Bhagavad Gita, titled: Guntraya Vibhaaga Yoga

          In Chapter 14, Krishna differentiates between the three gunas: Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. Krishna explains how important the good qualities are in a Bhakta. He tells Arjuna the good qualities are needed in order to advance on the spiritual path, but ultimately one has to rise above all three gunas.  

          General topics covered in the Chapter:
          • Characteristics of the three modes of nature
          • Three modes are also the vehicles of transmigration for the individual soul
          • Attain liberation after transcending three modes of material nature
          • The process of rising above the three modes
          • Bonds of the three modes can be cut by devotional love
            Excerpt commentary from Swamiji:

            sarva dvāreṣu dehe’smin
            prakāśa upajāyate
            jñānaṃ yadā tadā vidyād
            vivṛddhaṃ sattvam ityuta

            When into all the doors in the body there comes a flooding of light, a light of understanding, perception and knowledge, one should understand that there has been a great increase and uprising of the Sattwic Guna in the nature.

            "So here Bhagavan is saying that when you are undertaken by an irresistible happiness, sometimes you have such a deep happiness, you don't even know where this happiness comes from. You feel sublime joy inside of you, you start laughing and crying at the same time,  you feel excited all of a sudden. This is when there is a flooding of light, a light of understanding when you know you have found your way, your path in life, you have found your Guru, you are not just somebody who is walking on the street. You have a sense of belonging somewhere and then due to that sense of belonging somewhere, you feel great joy that you are not alone in that path.

            In this light one attains discernment, one attain discrimination and one understands what life itself is. What is the truth; one knows what is right and what is wrong. When the light of wisdom appears, the mind automatically is diverted from the outside world, but it is diverted inwardly. The mind starts running not outwards but inwardly. So when one starts running inwardly through your sadhana, through your meditation, automatically there will be a certain detachment to the outside world. 

            Nothing in the outside really worries you, you don’t fear anything because your trust and love, your faith is strong."


            "Yesterday's course for me was the most practical. I am an ayurveda therapist, and in my job I am very much involved with the three gunas. But yesterday I realised that I also have to let go a little bit and not be so attached the three gunas, and put it in the right place, so it was extremely practical for me." - Kalavati, Switzerland


            Sri Swami Vishwananda has decided to give commentary on the Shreemad Bhagavad Gita, the eternal Word of Lord Sri Krishna. It will take place over 18 consecutive days, and each day will cover one chapter. Guruji will give his commentary with a particular Bhakti perspective.

            For now, we will provide a small portion of the commentary on this blog for those who could not attend the course. At a later stage, we will offer the full length of the Gita commentary as a book and also as CD and DVD sets.